Human Resources & Personnel

The requirement to keep Personnel and HR records for a specific time is yet another burden for you and your department/team. Storage of paper is a problem, with so many hazards.

It takes up valuable space; security and access are always an issue; staff must leave the office to search through piles of files; items can get misplaced, or worse still, the whole lot can catch fire. Everyone will benefit, if you choose a more efficient way of storing your records...

SDS Scanning Bureau offer a cost-effective and convenient method of storing HR and personnel records and other archive materials, on a secure web site. At the click of a mouse button your entire department can have instant access to otherwise cumbersome paper-based records - subject to the appropriate security controls and permissions, of course.

We are able to provide a comprehensive indexing system that is tailored to meet your specific requirements. No longer will you need to have files stored in bulky cabinets taking up valuable space. You can have full indexing of records, enabling users to search, for example, by name or NI Number, or any number of combinations of other fields.

We can mirror precisely your existing manual storage system and, more importantly, even improve upon it. You gain immediate, convenient and secure retrieval of any type of records via your office computers from the digital document archive created for you.