Architectural Plans & Asbuilt Drawings

Architectural Plans are technical drawings that precisely show the planned method of construction and the function of a building, and the location of equipment and utilities within.

"As-built" or "as-fitted" drawings differ only from architectural plans in that they are a record of the completed work, and thus also reflect any changes or alterations made to the original plans during construction.

SDS Scanning Bureau has specialist equipment and the expertise to digitise all kinds of architectural plans. They can be of any size, and can include original blueprints and other such fragile, historical plans. Whether the requirement for digitising your plans is for historic archiving purposes or simply to improve workflow, we have a scanning and document management solution that we can tailor to meet your needs.

If you have architectural plans or as-built drawings that need scanning, call our bureau on 01202 496513 and see how we can help.