Specialist Archives

Over the past twenty four years, the SDS Group has developed a number of document management systems (DMS) especially tailored to specific types of archives.

These DMS include toolsets specific to each archive type, and include bespoke and comprehensive search facilities, thorough indexing of all content, all wrapped up in a delivery system that enables the end user to make their archived data work better for them.

Please make a selection from the pages below to find out more about how we tailor systems for each archive type, and what advantages having your data digitally archived by SDS Scanning can bring to your organisation.

Board and Company Secretariat

Board & Company Secretariat

We provide tailor-made document management solutions for boards and secretariat departments to control the flow of paper work. SDS Scanning Bureau has a...

Board, Senate and Governors' Minutes

Board, Senate & Governors' Minutes

SDS Scanning Bureau offer a range of specialised services for digitising minutes and notes from board, senate or governors’ meetings.
Typically, such...



SDS Scanning Bureau can provide bespoke and tailor designed system to give you complete control over the contracts of your organisation. We have solutions that...

Customer Support and Client Records

Customer Support/Client Records

SDS Scanning Bureau can Improve your productivity and workflow. Let us help you archive your client records and help you restore or search archived clients...

Diaries and Memoirs

Diaries & Memoirs

SDS Scanning Bureau can provide a complete storage service for your;
LettersLife storiesMemoirsHistorical informationDiariesAutobiographies...

Health and Safety Inspections

Health & Safety Inspections

SDS Scanning Bureau has a complete, bespoke and flexible product aimed specifically at controlling the rising requirement to govern and control compliance,...

Invoices and Finance

Invoices & Finance

SDS Scanning Bureau provide scanning of financial records and invoices, providing document management systems for invoice records, liquidations, receiverships...

Laboratory and Research Books

Laboratory & Research Books

SDS Scanning Bureau can scan and securely store a digital record of your irreplaceable laboratory notebooks. Archive your research data by scanning and be...

Litigation and Legal

Litigation & Legal

Ensure you ligitation and legal departments are fully compliant with the stringent new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by using our powerful document...

Magazines, Journals and Publications

Magazines, Journals & Publications

SDS Scanning Bureau has experience dealing with all kinds of magazine, journal and other types of publication archives. Some of our current clients have...

Medical and Dentistry Records

Medical & Dentistry Records

Medical Charts
There remains an overload of paper charts and patient records taking up file rooms and storage areas. Scanning of medical records and charts can...

O&M and Asbuilt Plans

O&Ms & Asbuilt Plans

SDS Scanning Bureau provides a “one stop” service of scanning, gathering and compiling all documentation required for new builds.
From conception to...

Pension Files

Pension Files

Our pension files database management systems can help manage your pension documents. Typically, our document management systems incorporate cataloguing...

Photographic Libraries

Photographic Libraries

Most organisations, charities, clubs, publishers, and even commercial businesses will have a photographic library lurking amongst its files. These are...

Property Deeds & Estate Files

Property Deeds & Estate Files

We provide Property, Estates and FM (H&S) Departments with digitising, retrieval and database management solutions that will bring proven business...

Tax and Treasury

Tax & Treasury

SDS Scanning Bureau can enable large U.K. organisation’s, with internal Tax and Treasury Departments, to store all taxation records and make them available...