Accountancy & Finance

SDS Scanning will enable your organisation to convert your archives into powerful content and ensure your accountancy firm or finance department becomes ‘disaster proof’.

We are a leading provider of cloud-based, digital scanning solutions to many of the UK’s foremost organisations. Our service drives digital transformation and organisational agility by enabling businesses to go paperless. This means authorised employees can easily explore and find your archived data, valuable content, applications and tools using all devices, across the world – a real asset for IT security and for your marketing department.

When using the SDS Scanning ultra-secure multi-user platforms, you will discover enhanced IP protection, heightened organisational intelligence coupled with greater inter-departmental collaboration – leading to higher productivity.

By making it easy for you to go paperless we enable you to be ‘disaster proof’. Take advantage of our secure, bespoke range of services to scan, digitise, bookmark and search anything you wish to archive to ensure your accountancy or finance department is disaster-proof and more efficient.