Large Flatbed Scanning

At SDS Scanning Bureau we have a range of large-sized, flatbed scanners for when we need to digitize documents bigger than A4. We can scan any document or media up to A0 (841 x 1189 mm or 33.1 x 46.8 inches) in size, or in lengths of up to ten metres.

Just like your standard desktop scanner, our industry flat-bed scanners comprise a glass surface upon which the document is laid, face-down. It scans the document by shining white light on to it, and interprets the colour and intensity of the light reflected back into a digital copy.

As such flat-bed scanners are ideal for non-perishable documents where contact with the glass surface doesn’t present a preservation problem (our planetary or bound book scanner solutions are more appropriate in this situation). That said, SDS Scanning Bureau prides itself on always taking great care when laying out and handling documents for scanning.

Once scanned, images are post-processed, and where applicable, checked for any readable text to be indexed. Resultant files can be saved as JPEGs or PDFs (where indexing and searchable text is required), and supplied on CD/DVD, USB stick or online. For multiple documents, we can also provide a document management system and viewing software.