Associations, Clubs & Societies

SDS Scanning Bureau provides bespoke heritage scanning and database solutions for associations, clubs and societies’ historical archives.

Clubs and societies collect a wealth of documentation peculiar to its subject matter, and we believe such knowledge and information should be carefully preserved and readily accessible to its members. A society or club’s publication, such as its regular newsletter, journal or magazine is ideally suited to digital conversion. Long since out of print and rare issues can be preserved and made available to all members.

But it may also be vital to securely archive other more prosaic, but equally important documentation too, including handbooks, memberships, minutes and research papers. All of this archiveed material can be made available to members for a fee, such as a subscription to an online database, or sales of CD-ROM based archives, thus generating much needed revenue to sustain the club or society. We have produced many such CD-based and online archives for our existing clients, whose members now enjoy unpresedented access to their society’s historical information.

For more than twenty years SDS  been archiving a diverse range of materials from many clubs and societies, including: St Moritz Tobogganing Club, African Bird Club, Boodles Gentleman’s Club, Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, British Arachnological Society, Royal Aeronautical Society, and Royal Geographical Society, amongst many others.