Aviation & Airports

SDS Scanning provide digital archiving and document management services for all sectors with the Aviation Industry

The world of aviation creates extensive records, ranging from those that are importantly historic (often unique and virtually priceless) in addition to those that MUST be retained by Law. A “single point of failure” cannot be risked in any case – the fiduciary responsibilities on all Management dictate that.

SDS Scanning will:

  • PRESERVE your records in the event of a catastrophic failure (e.g. flood, fire, rodents/ insects, human error, vandalism, computer damage, viruses, etc.)

  • CONVERT your data into useful and valuable Information. Sterile stored data transformed into active information – a new, vital, source of knowledge.

  • OFFER you the potential of revenue-generation by creating saleable products on DVDs and/or pay-for-access to third-party users e.g. researchers.

Other benefits include:

  • Your information being retrievable in whichever ways you may require
  • The improved Mobility of Management working at other sites who can have access to all documents (subject to access authorisation)
  • Cost savings of Employees’ time by easy access when searching for and reproducing a stored document

Whatever your Information needs, our services can handle them whilst simultaneously providing vital contingency provisions against the potential loss of the original records.