Health & Safety Inspections

SDS Scanning Bureau has a complete, bespoke and flexible product aimed specifically at controlling the rising requirement to govern and control compliance, procedure, policy and certification for health and safety and other such inspections or audits.

Whether you are a school, college, university, football club, hospital, prison, retail chain, brewery, local authority, sports centre, museum, art gallery, restaurant, public utility, library, SME or PLC you will have a requirement to keep up-to-date and relevant certification.

Our Chapter and Verse solution provides an efficient document management tool to help achieve this aim. We provide a secure web-based system which manages and stores all of your policies and other essential information.

The key features of our system include:

  • Traffic Light System to show status of document (expired, close to expiry/review, in date and so on) 
  • Other event management modules and workflows
  • Full Reporting Author and Owner Control
  • Full Audit Trail at every perceivable level and status
  • Multiple Role Based Access
  • Security status for each document