Bound Book Scanning

It is estimated that have been more than 130 million different books published in human history. Although there are large-scale projects underway to ensure every last one of these is digitised and made available to the public, these don’t necessarily include personal libraries and historical volumes stored by organisations. In many respects, these are just as important to preserve.

Over the years, we have gained a great deal of expertise and have the appropriate equipment to non-destructively scan and create high-quality facsimiles of any type of bound book. During our scanning process and in creating the digital image of a book’s content, the original volume is never unbound, pages never cut or folded, and the spine is never put under any unnecessary stress. We can achieve a high quality digital archive image collection of any book or historic volume in a relatively short period of time.

SDS Scanning use special scanners that feature a unique v-shaped cradle and transparent plate; the former to lay open the book for scanning without applying undue pressure or force to its bindings; the latter to carefully lay flat the open page for optimal image capture.

Rather than conventionally ’scanning’ the page, a high-quality photograph is taken using a carefully positioned overhead camera. Images are then post-processed and the text within the image converted to readable text.

Further to this, SDS Scanning can provide bespoke cataloguing and indexing software for multiple volumes, complete with comprehensive word and phrase-matching search tools. Call us today on 01202 496513 if you’d like to discuss with us your book scanning requirements, or you’d like to find out more about our indexing solutions.

What else can we do?

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