SDS Scanning Bureau can provide your insurance company or department with a bespoke document scanning and management system to improve its efficiency. Our web-based system is specifically tailored for insurance claims handling and litigation, with secure document management and workflow.

Our i-Claims document management system is specifically tailored towards to helping the workflow of insurance departments, to manage claims and control the litigation process against an organisation. It is ideally suited to any organisation that has public access, such as retail and entertainment complexes.

The i-Claims system is web-based, hosted on our secure servers, and supports most web-enabled devices, including iPad and other tablet devices. Being web-based, users have the convenience of access to documentation at any time or from anywhere, via a tracked, secure username and password log-in. It is even possible to set-up limited access to certain areas for certain users, which means access can be granted to guests to upload documentation peculiar to their case, but without allowing them to see sensitive data or other cases.

The system also has a facility whereby users can see at a glance any outstanding tasks, to whom they are assigned (and to set timescales by which the matters should be addressed), any notes about the task, and when and who last updated the task.

Other key advantages of our i-Claims system are: it provides a secure and safe centralised pool of information, allowing easy management of multiple tasks; a digital and secure store for documentation that negates all the problems associated with paper-based systems (wrongly filed, lost or damaged documents, and so on). Documents can also be searched or sorted much more easily than a paper-based system, saving time.

Additionally, as with all our systems, monthly workflow and financial reports can be generated, and the data exported to Microsoft Excel format for external processing in third-party software.

Consultation and build

After consultation to finalise your exact requirements, a bespoke system can be tailored to your organisation, and implemented within four to eight weeks. Thereafter, we offer continued support and development, so your system grows as your organisation’s needs change.