Board, Senate & Governors' Minutes

SDS Scanning Bureau offer a range of specialised services for digitising minutes and notes from board, senate or governors’ meetings.

Typically, such minutes or agendas can be in the form of leather bound ledgers/books, and can be either hand-written or typed. They can also include papers, reports and presentations. However your organisation’s meetings have been recorded, SDS Scanning can scan and preserve them for the future, whilst also providing you with a fully-searchable digital archive of your information.

We are specialists in this area and have worked closely with the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC), digitising its minutes dating back to 1869. 

The key service SDS Scanning Bureau provides is the scanning and indexing/atomisation of the minutes (protects them against the threat of fire/flood/loss etc). We can then produce a website, which is the most efficient means of carrying out detailed searches and reports on the data. (A more basic option would be just to provide the data back to you on a USB memory stick.)

As well as OCR-ing the text of the body of each document so that every word on every page is searchable, the indexing also includes key areas of information-atomisation and meta-data capture, such as: meeting type, date, and principal content of the meeting.