Fragile & Historic Archives

We have a wide range of services (with complementary bespoke search and retrieval database solutions) and specialist equipment for the purposes of scanning of rare, precious and confidential archives. Whether one, a hundred or a thousand years old, we can digitise your archive, and thus limit physical handling of the original material to help preserve it.

Scanned or photographed at the highest possible resolution to ensure quality reproduction, where applicable, the data within is also indexed to allow detailed specific searches or general searches to be made across your digitally stored heritage archive.

SDS Scanning Bureau is highly experienced in handling, storing, transporting, and processing fragile and rare publications through work with the Petrie Museum of Ancient Egyptian Archaeology, the London Geological Society (its Murchison Notebooks), and in scanning property deeds for the John Lewis Partnership and British Gas that date back to the 16th Century. Our experience extends further, and covers material as diverse as local and central government (including prisons and hospitals) and famous, historical and political individuals.

If you have a fragile or historic archive that you wish to preserve and make more readily available, call 01202 496513 and see how SDS Scanning Bureau can help.