Independent Schools

SDS Scanning Bureau provides secure digital archiving of schools’ heritage archives and entire schools’ administration business records (Bursar, HR, Pupil files, Governors Minutes, Policies & Procedures, parent consent forms, and so on)...

We have worked with over 150 of the top independent schools in the UK. Our solutions have included:

  • Scanning of Student Records
  • Heritage and School Magazine online Resource
  • Bursar and Staff/HR Records – scanning
  • Estate and FM Solutions (O&M Files, Large format Plans)
  • Significant Anniversary, WW1, WW2 & other special projects
  • Governors Minutes
  • H&S, Policy & Procedure Control System
  • Alumni Who’s Who Interactive website
  • Cataloguing Archive Manager of Schools physical and heritage assets
  • White Label Gap Year Careers Product
  • SRAS – Schools Records Administration System – a complete package which sits between the schools MIS and Financial Management System