Magazines, Journals & Publications

SDS Scanning Bureau has experience dealing with all kinds of magazine, journal and other types of publication archives. Some of our current clients have requested us to archive journals and newsletters dating back as far as the seventeeth century; others have requested conversion of modern newsstand titles.

You may find you have journals and newsletters containing a mixture of monochrome and colour pictures. We have a specialist system to deal with these, in order to digitally reproduce your publication’s imagery with the best results possible.

Pages from your magazines will be scanned at the most appropriate resolution to find the best balance of quality and efficiency. We produce a two-tiered, searchable PDF of each page, where the top level is a perfect facsimile image of the original, and the bottom level, indexed and searchable text only verion of the content contained within.

Additionally, for every section of the publication, we record some form of meta data (for archival and retrieval purposes in the database system), which could include some or any of the following: volume, issue, year, section, category and sub-categories, dates, and the actual body text (to enable thorough search capabilities).

Moreover, we recognise that each and every publication archive is different. And so your organisation is consulted during all stages of your system’s development, including its functionality and design, and indexing preference. The result is bespoke tailored solution that can seamlessly integrate into an existing web site, and one that will be functionality pertinent to your establishment.