Property Deeds & Estate Files

We provide Property, Estates and FM (H&S) Departments with digitising, retrieval and database management solutions that will bring proven business efficiencies, ensure legal compliance and dramatically reduce risk (effective disaster recovery) for property deeds and estate files.

Our property specific e-document management and bespoke database solution gives total and complete management of the document information assets (both electronic and physical). It  enables you to manage your property and building information assets as you would aspire to manage your estates investment and physical assets.

We produce secure on-line retrieval systems which will bring immediate economies in space and administration. Other key benefits to using SDS Scanning Bureau for your property deed and estates files archives include: security and flexibility of access to data; improved mobility for your workforce, with mobile data access; risk and disaster recovery and compliance with various regulations.

Choosing SDS as your business partner will give you:

  • Minimal disruption and invasion to the business
  • Access to a broad range of proven technology applications
  • An experienced team with a proven track record
  • A flexible approach designed to meet current and ongoing requirements
  • A flexible and competitive approach to fees