With the advent of digital photography, came the demise of the film-based camera format. But many individuals, companies and organisations still possess collections with folders or albums full of old printed photographs, each one with their own story to tell.

Photographic paper only has a limited lifespan. Time and other factors, such as light exposure or adverse environmental conditions, lessen this further. By having a digital copy of your photographic collection, you can ensure its longevity. Long after the physical copy will have perished, you will still have a pristine digital version, from which you can reproduce prints at any time. 

Our scanning services are equipped to deal equally with individual one-off scans, or to digitise entire collections. In terms of quantities, SDS Scanning Bureau has the capacity to process over 3,000 colour or black and white photographs a day. This includes the time taken to carefully scan, post-process, and index the content, to enable searches to be made on your digitised photo collection.

We can easily accommodate a wide variety of sizes, from small, postage-stamp-sized photos, all the way up to A0 and beyond. Call us on 01202 496513 to get a quote for your photograph collection.